Retail Air Conditioning

B-DACS provides retail air conditioning for stores in Glasgow, Edinburgh and throughout Scotland.

We have experience installing and maintaining air conditioning for:

  • Retail Park Units
  • High Street Stores
  • Hair and Beauty Salons
  • Small Retail Outlets
  • Cafés

Whether you are a major brand or local retail business, the customer experience always comes first.

Your store needs to be a pleasant space for your customers to shop in, capable of providing the right level of heating and cooling, regardless of the time of year.

Experience Installing Retail Air Conditioning

B-DACS has experience installing air conditioning units for small and large retail outlets. We have fitted systems for local businesses around Glasgow and Edinburgh, as well as national retail chains.

We work with you to identify the right system for your store, taking into account the size, layout and footfall, as well as your budget and timescale. Many stores require different areas to be controlled separately, such as customer areas and stock rooms, and we can advise you on the best way to achieve this.

We can also build systems to suit your brand image and store design. Most of the units we install for retail outlets are positioned discretely in the ceiling void, making them almost invisible to customers. We can also provide units with different styles, colours and grilles, ensuring you get the ideal system for your store.

Retail Air Conditioning Systems

The air conditioning system you require will vary depending on the size of your store and the sector you operate in. We always carry out a full site survey before selecting a system and providing you with a cost.

If you have a small shop, café or salon, we usually recommend one or two split systems. They are quick and cheap to install, have low running costs and meet all your heating and cooling needs. They can be installed with cost-effective wall- or ceiling-mounted units, depending on your preference.

For large retail outlets, we generally install VRF/VRV or a combination of split systems, depending on your requirements. VRF/VRV systems provide simultaneous heating and cooling across different rooms and floors, which enables you to optimise your store’s environment for all your customers and staff.

Energy Efficiency and Running Costs

Investing in air conditioning might seem like a major expense but it could significantly reduce your overall running costs. Modern air conditioning is energy-efficient and eco-friendly, particularly when compared to electric heating systems. It’s likely to reduce your energy bills and allows you to cool your store in summer.

We always take your budget into account and recommend the best system to meet your needs. If your main aim is to save energy, we can offer systems with additional features, such as self-cleaning cassettes, which have competitive payback periods and improve the system’s efficiency.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to keeping your system running effectively. It prevents breakdowns, protects your warranty and enhances your store’s air quality. Systems that get dirty or run at the wrong temperature because of blocked filters could make your customers uncomfortable. Having a maintenance schedule in place makes that unlikely to ever happen.

At B-DACS, we offer a complete maintenance and repair service in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Central Belt of Scotland. To ensure your maintenance is carried out to a high standard, we have specialist service engineers who always take care to thoroughly check the system and clean all the units.

What Our Customers Say

“We worked with B-DACS on a quick turn around fit out of an empty retail shell in Manchester Fort Retail Park for Nike Retail. The project was successfully completed and well finished with a more than satisfactory outcome on the Mechanical Services side.

Brian and his team highlighted issues on the design where changes would be required and picked up quickly on the high standard and finish that Nike require for their stores. I can say that throughout B-DACS were cooperative and helpful, completed the work in good time with no additional costs and their work was snag free. Overall, an excellent outcome and I would certainly look favourably on working with them again.”

Peter Hegarty, Associate at Child Graddon Lewis Architects and Designers

To arrange a free survey and quotation for air conditioning in your store, call us on 0141 773 3355.


Systems we install and maintain:

  • Ducted
  • Cassette Split System
  • Wall-Mounted Split System