Busting Air Conditioning Myths Busting Air Conditioning Myths

What are the Most Common Myths About Air Conditioning?

Myths about air conditioning are rife – we hear them all the time. They lead not only to negative impressions about the technology but also affect people’s purchasing decisions. Here we bust some of the most common myths about air conditioning, starting with the most prominent. Air Conditioning is Only for Keeping Cool When we […]

Construction Industry Growth Scotland 2014 Construction Industry Growth Scotland 2014

Construction Industry Prepares for Growth in 2014

The construction industry is preparing for its strongest year of growth since the financial crisis, as new figures show a sustained upturn in production. Growth in Q3 of 2013 was revealed to be 2.6%, up from 1.9% in Q2 and 1.7% in Q1. It is now highly unlikely that the industry will see an overall […]

Minimum Office Temperature Minimum Office Temperature

What is the Minimum Working Temperature?

It’s commonly thought that there isn’t a minimum working temperature. However, this isn’t strictly true and employers are obliged to keep workplaces at a reasonable temperature throughout the year. And it’s in everyone’s interests that they do so. Comfort makes people happier, healthier and more productive. Not only that, it’s crucial to office morale. So, […]

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