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    Wheatley Group

The Wheatley Group is one of the UK’s largest housing organisations, providing services to over 100,000 tenants.

With members including Glasgow Housing Association, they have a vital role in communities across the city, providing affordable housing, economic regeneration and community development.

To achieve these goals, they have an extensive portfolio of offices and facilities all around Glasgow.

As a result of our past work with Wheatley Group, we were awarded a contract to take care of air conditioning maintenance at 21 of their Glasgow offices, which are shown in the map above.

These include their main facilities at Lipton House, Wheatley House, Granite House and Skypark.

Survey of Air Conditioning Equipment and Maintenance Schedule

Our first task was to carry out an extensive survey of all sites included.

This was done in order to identify the air conditioning equipment Wheatley Group had in place at each site, including the number and models of units.

The process enabled Wheatley Group to build a central database with details of all their air conditioning equipment. This will prove invaluable for monitoring the ongoing performance of the facilities.

The survey also helped us identify the work that we needed to do and devise a suitable schedule to carry it out.

We’ll carry out planned preventative maintenance for each site on a twice yearly basis, with additional filter cleans every six weeks.

These measures will guarantee strong system performance across all facilities.

Helping to Identify Issues and Additional Work Required

We completed the first set of maintenance visits in the middle of March and our work has already proven beneficial.

In different sites, we came across minor issues with controllers, systems not working to capacity, broken cages and drainage problems.

We have identified systems that require new pumps, further investigations and additional pressure tests.

Repair work and recommissioning were necessary for one of the systems.

Without preventative maintenance, it’s likely that these issues would have gone undiagnosed, leaving the affected systems vulnerable to serious faults.

Helping You Manage Your Facilities

For organisations with facilities and property portfolios, it can be difficult to keep track of every piece of equipment.

And even when you do, it’s hard to know how to get the best out of it.

When it comes to air conditioning, having maintenance carried out regularly by an experienced engineer will go a long way to preventing any issues from arising.

We understand how niggly problems can escalate and keep you informed on about your systems over the course of their lifetime.

B-DACS can ensure your systems are performing efficiently and provide advice on how to get the best from them.

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