Conservatory Air Conditioning, Ayrshire

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    Mitsubishi Electric

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    Mauchline, Ayrshire

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    Split System - Wall-Mounted Zen Units

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Conservatory Air ConditioningWhether you’ve bought a house with a conservatory or built one yourself, you want to get the most from it. That means being able to enjoy it all year round, even on the hottest and coldest days.

The problem is that conservatories are notoriously difficult to regulate for temperature.

On sunny days, they let in light through the glass, which then gets trapped as heat. As a result, the space warms up, which is great in winter but less so when it’s 20°C+ outside.

In addition to this, conservatories don’t have the same level of insulation as the rest of the house, meaning they lose heat very quickly when the weather is cold and cloudy.

It’s always hard to find the right solution, especially as it depends so much on the design and how you use the space.

If you opt for traditional conservatory heating, it might solve your problems in the winter but you’ll still get uncomfortably hot in the summer. Ideally, you need a system that will maintain a consistent temperature regardless of outdoor conditions.

David’s Conservatory was Often Too Cold or Too Hot

Until recently, David, a resident of Mauchline in Ayrshire, suffered from problems with his conservatory.

His house was built five years ago and had underfloor heating installed on the ground and first floors. This ran into the 28m2 conservatory, providing an element of heating which worked most of the time.

In the right conditions, the south-facing conservatory was a bright, pleasant area and David’s family spent most of their time there.

However, he explains that ‘during the coldest months, we had to supplement it with electric heaters. And on the rare occasions that we had warm weather, it could get so hot that we couldn’t use it – no number of fans could circulate the air.’

Using fans and electric heaters proved ineffective, meaning David was unable to spend as much time in his conservatory as he’d have liked.

Installing Conservatory Air Conditioning ‘Seemed the Best Way Forward’

Having done some research, David decided that using air conditioning units in conjunction with the underfloor heating ‘seemed the best way forward.’

He contacted Glasgow-based fit-out and maintenance firm Morris and Spottiswood, who put him in touch with B-DACS.

We advised him to install a Mitsubishi Electric Zen wall-mounted system, an attractive, affordable model, capable of meeting the conservatory’s heating and cooling needs.

The installation was completed in two days, says David. ‘I got an excellent service from Morris and Spottiswood and your own engineers. Absolutely no mess was left behind and any holes cut were repaired 100%. It really was a great job.’

‘We had [the new system] up and running throughout the winter. It has been great to give the room a boost in the mornings and to keep it usable longer into the cold evenings.’

On the really warm days, ‘we have used the air conditioning and it works.

‘All in all, it’s a very good solution, which will allow us to use the conservatory even more than before’.

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