Council Offices, Paisley

  • B-DACS' Project Manager Overseeing the Crane Lift B-DACS' Project Manager Overseeing the Crane Lift
  • Lifting the Chiller onto the Gantry Lifting the Chiller onto the Gantry
  • Lining Up the Chiller Lining Up the Chiller
  • New Daikin Chiller on Rooftop New Daikin Chiller on Rooftop
  • Old and New Chillers Being Swapped Old and New Chillers Being Swapped
  • Crane Lift Crane Lift
  • Crane Lift at Renfrewshire House Crane Lift at Renfrewshire House
  • Decommissioned Chiller Decommissioned Chiller
  • Existing Daikin VRV System Existing Daikin VRV System
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    Renfrewshire Council

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    Renfrewshire House, Paisley

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Renfrewshire Council is based at Renfrewshire House, which comprises the local authority’s headquarters and customer service centre.

Situated in Paisley, on the outskirts of Glasgow, the four-storey building operates various heating and cooling systems, including a 645kW air-cooled chiller.

In the past, B-DACS has carried out various works at Renfrewshire House, including air conditioning installation and maintenance jobs. Therefore, when it became apparent that the chiller needed replacing, we were called on to carry out the project.

Why Did the Chiller Need Replacing?

Renfrewshire Council needed a replacement chiller because the old model had become very unreliable. Their in-house design engineer drew up the specification for the replacement system and passed it onto us to implement.

We recommended using Daikin as the manufacturer, as they had new chiller models available that fitted the specification. The Daikin systems were also cheaper than the alternatives, so we were able to save our customer money when it came to the installation costs.

We issued Renfrewshire Council’s specification to Daikin, who returned a suitable model they could supply for the project. They then delivered the chiller to site on the required date.

Installing the New Chiller

Before installing the new chiller, B-DACS’ engineers had to recover the remaining refrigerant and decommission the old system to prepare it for transportation.

We organised a crane lift with Glasgow company Leggat Plant, which involved removing the old chiller and lifting the new Daikin chiller into position. The steelwork on the existing gantry needed to be altered to suit the shape of the new chiller.

The Daikin system provides chilled water at 9°C to chilled beams which provide cooling throughout the four-storey building. Large duty high efficiency circulating pumps are used to move the water around the system.

Advantages of the New Daikin Chiller

As well as eradicating the old chiller’s reliability problems, the new Daikin model brings significant advantages.

It offers greater operating efficiencies and produces less noise than the old system. It also comes with an advanced controller, designed to provide maximum efficiency even in unusual operating conditions. Daikin were able to provide an extended warranty and offer enhanced support in case the system needs emergency repairs.

It’s an improvement all round for Renfrewshire Council, who now have a more efficient and effective cooling solution for their main offices.


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