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    Mitsubishi Electric

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    Split Systems - Ducted and Cassette

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Porcelanosa is a Spanish company which sells luxury bathrooms and kitchens, along with associated furniture, tiles and accessories.

The company has two branches in Scotland, a large showroom at Braehead in Glasgow, which cost £14m to build in 2006, and a smaller showroom in Edinburgh.

The showrooms were constructed in open warehouse spaces, although you would never know it from the inside. They are always immaculate, designed to showcase top of the range bathrooms and kitchens.

B-DACS started working with Porcelanosa in October 2014 when we were awarded a planned preventative maintenance contract at the Glasgow site. On the back of that work, we recently carried out a major installation at the Edinburgh branch.

Mitsubishi Electric Ducted Split System Installation

The Edinburgh branch consists of a main showroom and sales area, additional kitchen and toilet showrooms and storage space at the back of house.

To serve the customer areas, we selected Mitsubishi Electric equipment due to their high levels of service, quality and reliability. They were also able to supply the right range of units for the project’s requirements.

In the main showroom, we installed three ducted units, each with four outlets. This setup provides the greatest area coverage for the space. Ducted units are also highly discrete, so we were able to completely preserve the look of the Porcelanosa showroom.

We installed a twin split system for the toilet showroom and a single split system for the kitchen showroom, all operating through ceiling-mounted cassette units.

The five condensers for the showrooms are mounted at the rear of the building. Due to its location, you can see all the condensers while passing on the M9 motorway.

Project Evaluation and Maintenance Contract

We selected an easy operation controller for Porcelanosa, giving staff a range of functions for convenience and energy saving. It has a straightforward display and simple buttons, designed for intuitive management.

The project was a success and our clients were happy with the installation. It was also subject to a site visit as part of our ISO 9001:2008 certification, which demonstrates that we have robust processes in place to deal with all air conditioning installation and maintenance work.

Our maintenance contract with Porcelanosa at Braehead involves service vists every six months. This ensures the air conditioning remains consistent and reliable and allows our engineers to rapidly detect any issues. We anticipate developing a similar maintenance plan with Porcelanosa in Edinburgh.

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