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    East Kilbride

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    Split Systems - Wall-Mounted Units

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When it opens later this year, Kilbryde Hospice will become South Lanarkshire’s first inpatient hospice.

Situated in the grounds of East Kilbride’s Hairmyres Hospital, the 12-bed facility will provide palliative treatment for illnesses including cancer, Parkinson’s disease and MS.

It’s taken over a decade to raise the £3 million necessary to build the hospice but construction work finally got started in August 2013.

Installing Air Conditioning for the Server Room and Medical Facilities

B-DACS’ role in building Kilbryde Hospice was to install air conditioning for the server room, drug preparation facility and medical store.

Climate control is vital for these three rooms because they need to be kept at strictly regulated temperatures.

IT equipment generates heat and is vulnerable to high temperatures, whereas drugs need to be stored in the correct conditions to maintain their safety and efficacy.

We installed three separate Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted units, which deliver efficient air conditioning to each of the rooms.

The model used in the server room has a higher capacity due to the IT equipment’s extra cooling requirements.

Another key part of the air conditioning installation involved placing the outdoor condensing units behind a specially-designed wall.

This improves the appearance of the gardens at the rear of the hospice and means that no wall space is taken up on the building itself.

Kilbryde Hospice’s Fundraising Efforts

Once it’s complete, Kilbryde Hospice will improve quality of life for people from all over South Lanarkshire facing end-of-life illnesses.

While the charity has raised enough money to pay for the hospice’s construction, it still needs funding to support running costs and patient care.

After the hospice has opened, donations will help to pay for patients’ complementary therapy, transport, counselling and social support.

The campaign has been supported by prominent local people, including Ally McCoist, Lorraine Kelly and Sir Alex Ferguson.

You can read more about Kilbryde Hospice by visiting their website or donate through Just Giving.

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