Sackmaker Office, Rutherglen

  • Sackmaker Warehouses Past and Present Sackmaker Warehouses Past and Present
  • Mitsubishi Electric Split System Mitsubishi Electric Split System
  • Date Completed:

    May 2014

  • Manufacturer:

    Mitsubishi Electric

  • Location:

    Rutherglen, Glasgow

  • Equipment:

    Split System - Wall-Mounted Zen Units

  • Client:


Based in Rutherglen Industrial Estate, Glasgow, Sackmaker is a unique local company with a fascinating history.

It was originally known as J&HM Dickson and is the UK’s oldest manufacturer of woven sacks and bulk bags.

History of Rutherglen’s Sackmaker

It was founded by John and Hugh Dickson in 1915, originally to make sandbags during the First World War.

It’s grown considerably over the years and now produces a wide range of sacks for industrial, recycling and agricultural use. Their sacks are even used by the Royal Mint to transport newly minted coins

And earlier this year, Sackmaker supplied 100,000 sandbags to reduce the impact of the flooding in England and Wales.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning Installation

Sackmaker got in touch with B-DACS to install an air conditioning unit in their small Rutherglen office.

They required a wall-mounted split system and we recommended a Mitsubishi Electric Zen unit, the same model that we use in our own office.

The installation was carried out over three days and the new system will provide heating and cooling for the space.

It’s always great to work with interesting companies in the Glasgow area.

To find out more about Sackmaker and the work they do across the UK, visit their website.

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