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  • Date Completed:

    August 2013

  • End User:

    Wheatley Group

  • Manufacturer:

    Mitsubsihi Electric

  • Location:

    Lipton House, Glasgow

  • Equipment:

    City Multi VRF

  • Client:


Situated in the heart of the Gorbals, Lipton House is a 24 hour call centre with a capacity of 144 staff. Operated by Wheatley Group, it provides uninterrupted customer services to around 70,000 social housing tenants, covering Glasgow Housing Association, Cube Housing Association, West Lothian Housing Association, Lowther Homes and Loretto Group.

B-DACS had previously worked with GHA on a number of projects and maintained the air conditioning at their former Glasgow head office. As a result, we were approached to survey the existing equipment at Lipton House and recommend a new type of system. The main priority was to keep the call centre at a comfortable temperature, regardless of the season or time of day.

Long Overdue Air Conditioning Refurbishment

The old system was very inefficient and this was particularly noticeable during the summer months. At times, working conditions could become uncomfortable. Mark Sinclair, Head of Property and Facilities Management at Wheatley Group, admits the refurbishment ‘was long overdue’.

We worked closely with our supplier Kooltech to identify an economical system that would create the most positive working environment for the call centre staff. Air conditioning was required to provide efficient heating and cooling throughout the reception area and L-shaped first floor. It was important that the system could be centrally controlled and operated consistently at different staffing levels.

We suggested a Mitsubishi Electric VRF system, composed of fan coil units served by central condensing units situated on the roof plant area. The proposals were formalised through consultant design and we adhered to the specification provided. We initially selected Mitsubishi Electric because of their high levels of service, quality and reliability, as well as the system’s ease of use for our customer.

Contributing to the Overall Office Refurbishment

The air conditioning installation formed part of a larger office refurbishment and B-DACS worked alongside the other contractors, Worksmart Contracts and WMQ, to ensure the project went smoothly. Changing programmes can affect efficiency and cause delays, so communication and a strong working relationship were paramount.

The timescale for the project was challenging and the call centre needed to remain open while the works were carried out. By working evenings and weekends to accommodate the centre’s quieter times, our engineers enabled Wheatley Group to carry on with business as usual.

In the lead up to the replacement of the systems, B-DACS endeavoured to keep things ticking over, providing an element of temperature control by nursing the old system along, hiring temporary coolers and keeping a presence on site while we got the project underway. This really helped our staff as temperatures reached in excess of 30°C.

We provided the project team an incredibly tight timescale to complete the project and not only did they minimise disruption but they worked weekends and late nights in what is a 24/7 working environment.

I would like to thank the B-DACS team for all their hard work and effort that went into making the Lipton House refurbishment a great success for the business and look forward to a lasting working relationship.

– Mark Sinclair, Head of Property and Facilities Management at Wheatley Group

Working to the client’s specifications, we installed a bespoke system for an unique environment, delivering the project on time and to a high standard. The system will continue to be maintained by B-DACS to prevent potential problems and ensure the system continues to perform at the optimum level.

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