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      Signature Pub Group

    Air Conditioning Planned Preventative Maintenance Pubs
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    Founded by brothers Nic and Garreth Wood in 2003, the Signature Pub Group has grown into one of Scotland’s most vibrant hospitality portfolios.

    It came to prominence in 2008 with a £3.5 million renovation of the Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh, which transformed the neglected listed building into an award-winning boutique hotel.

    B-DACS has been working with Signature Pub Group since 2010. They first got in touch to ask us to reconfigure the Mitsubishi Electric VRF system in the Rutland Hotel, which supplies the bedrooms, restaurant and bar area.

    We also installed air conditioning in the group’s Edinburgh head office, the Rutland Hotel’s pastry store and three city centre pubs, The Queen’s Arms, The Black Bull and Element.

    Planned Preventative Maintenance Contract

    Earlier this year, we were awarded a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) contract to look after six properties in the Signature Pub Group portfolio. Maintenance visits will take place on a twice yearly basis and we are taking care of all the systems that we installed. We successfully completed the first part of the project in February and have scheduled the next phase for later this year.

    The process involves cleaning the filters, checking the refrigerant levels and testing the heating and cooling cycles. This ensures the system is running efficiently and all components are fully functioning. You can find a detailed breakdown of what happens during a maintenance visit on our dedicated service page.

    Nic Wood, who commissioned the maintenance, wanted to make sure the contract was in place to prevent any issues developing in the systems. The only change to the original schedule was caused by renovations taking place during our initial visit to The Black Bull. We were asked to return at a later date, just to make sure the filters were clean and the system was operating efficiently after the work was completed.