Police Station Server Room, Govan

  • Date Completed:

    May 2014

  • End User:

    Police Scotland

  • Manufacturer:

    Mitsubishi Electric

  • Location:

    Govan Police Station, Glasgow

  • Equipment:

    Split System - Wall-Mounted Units

  • Client:

    Morris & Spottiswood

Server Room Air Conditioning Mitsubishi Electric Split SystemFor Police Scotland, communications are extremely important.

It’s vital that stations remain connected at all times, giving them the ability to respond quickly and prevent crimes.

With this in mind, B-DACS were asked to install an air conditioning system, complete with a fail-safe mechanism, for Govan Police Office’s server room.

Why the Server Room Required a New System

Previously, the server room had been cooled by a Daikin VRV cassette unit, but this was removed and relocated to an adjacent room.

The need to have a back-up system for the server room was the main driver behind the change. If anything goes wrong with the cooling system, it needs to be up and running again as quickly as possible.

IT equipment not only generates a lot of heat but is also highly sensitive to temperature changes and humidity. System reliability depends on maintaining a consistent temperature.

Mitsubishi Electric Wall-Mounted Split System with Fail-Safe Mechanism

B-DACS installed two Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted split systems, which Police Scotland already had in stock.

The system is designed so that only one unit is operating at any given time. The other remains on stand-by, ready to come on automatically in case there are any problems.

We installed a changeover panel to detect faults and switch the units over if necessary. When everything is working normally, the panel also alternates between the units on a regular basis.

Finally, should the system develop a fault, we put a visual and audible alarm in place outside the server room. The room itself is rarely occupied, so it’s important to alert staff about any faults.

With the new system in place, Govan Police Office can depend on the cooling system to protect essential IT equipment. Air conditioning systems are robust, but, in critical situations, it’s important to have a back-up.

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