Gin Distillery, Edinburgh

  • Edinburgh Gin Distillery Edinburgh Gin Distillery
  • Megaduct System Megaduct System
  • Distillery Lighting Distillery Lighting
  • Spiral Ducting Spiral Ducting
  • Date Completed:

    June 2014

  • End User:

    Spencerfield Spirit Company

  • Location:

    The Rutland Hotel, Edinburgh

  • Equipment:


  • Client:

    Signature Pub Group

The Edinburgh Gin Distillery opened its doors on Saturday 14th June, otherwise known as World Gin Day.

Situated in the basement of the Rutland Hotel, the micro-distillery is also the centrepiece for Heads & Tales, Edinburgh’s newest gin and cocktail bar.

The two stills, a column still named Flora and a pot still named Caledonia, are displayed in the bar behind glass windows.

This set-up gives visitors a rare opportunity to see gin distilling while they enjoy a drink themselves. It’s a unique environment and is quickly becoming one of Edinburgh’s most exciting bars.

As well as producing Edinburgh Gin, which uses heather and milk thistle alongside traditional botanicals, the distillery will also be used for research by Heriot Watt University’s Brewing and Distilling department.

Ventilation is Key to Distilling Spirits

Adequate ventilation is vital to the distillery because the alcohol in the gin is highly flammable. The ventilation needs to extract fumes efficiently and introduce fresh air at a steady rate.

B-DACS was asked to install a ventilation system that could achieve eight air changes per hour. It was essential to put this in place so the distillery could operate safely, particularly with members of the public so close by.

Another key point in the specification was to install an explosion-proof fan, removing the risk of explosion in a flammable environment.

Installing a Ducting System in a Unique Listed Building

Located in the basement of a listed building, the distillery’s ventilation ducts had to be adapted to fit the unique layout.

For the supply air on one side of the basement, we used a megaduct system, designed for use in restricted spaces. This rectangular ducting is easier to conceal than round ducting, which was important because of the low ceilings in the entranceway.

The other side of the building has a curved wall, which meant we used spiral ducting for extraction. This is completely round and fitted more easily into the shape of the wall.

You can see the difference between the two types of ducting the photo gallery.


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