With Lockdown Easing is your Air Conditioning System Ready?

Government Announce Roadmap out of Lockdown

As the country starts to lift lockdown restrictions, it is vital that businesses plan ahead of re-opening.

Given the current situation cleanliness and hygiene are of the upmost importance. Before reopening it is essential that your premises are compliant regarding laws and legislation and your maintenance is up to date. Your premises should be safe for employees and customers before re-opening.

Therefore, the time to start preparing is now so that when opening dates for your business are confirmed you are ahead of the game. Furthermore,  now  is  the  best  time  to  act  whilst  your  property  is  vacant  to  reduce  the  impact  and  minimise  interruption  to  your  operation  when  you  are  fully  open.


Preparing for your Return

When it comes to air conditioning even before the pandemic it has always been good practice to have your systems regularly maintained to prevent the growth of microorganisms and build-up of mould which can lead to general irritation, allergies, and asthma. With high focus on hygienic environments can you afford to forget about your AC systems?

Not only from a hygienic perspective however legally air conditioning systems over a certain size must be maintained by law. Businesses are responsible for demonstrating that the refrigerant gases are not leaking into the atmosphere and only an F-Gas qualified Engineer can do this for you.

B-DACS can offer a full health check of your system ahead of your reopening which will:

  • Cleanse your system using advanced specialised cleaners which meet COVID-killing Euro Standards.
  • Using manufacturers service and diagnostic tools, check the operational performance of your system and identify any faults.
  • Complete checks on the condition of your system and suggest any possible alterations to improve the running and efficiency of the system.
  • Complete the regulatory checks to ensure that your system is compliant in FGas Legislation and provide you with the necessary paperwork.
  • Check you ventilation system settings to ensure there is no recirculation of air as per COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Provide you with a detailed report with our findings.


Indoor Air Quality

Good quality indoor air during a worldwide pandemic has never been more important, that aside it also has positive impacts on the health, comfort, wellbeing, and productivity of occupants.

When used in conjunction with existing ventilation systems, air purifiers can provide additional peace of mind when it comes to improving the quality of indoor air.

B-DACS are pleased to be able to offer our clients with a range of air purifiers to suit your premises which will:

  • Capture and Destroy Pollutants – The inbuilt HEPA filters will capture particulate matter down to 0.3 microns, while the ultraviolet light sterilises filters.
  • Sense Pollutants – With the additional sensor which measures pollutants away from the purifier communicating back to the purifier meaning the full room benefits from purified air.
  • Respond to Your Air – with the display panel, the units let you know when your air is good, moderate, or poor.
  • Clean Air Everywhere – with the proprietary technology the clean air is split into two streams which means that it delivers purified air comfortably and efficiently throughout the room.


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